Read this BEFORE booking your escape experience.

*Keep in mind this is a very terrifying experience. If you can't handle being separated from your group, confined spaces, walking up lots of stairs, etc., you may want to reconsider booking.*

- You must book at least 12 hours in advance.

- Reservations must be canceled 72 hours in advance to be eligible for a refund. 

- We will reschedule for any other available time slot up to 1 hour prior to the appointment.


- NO REFUNDS if you are unable to complete the escape room.

- You must show up at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time to be briefed.

- If you are booking more than one person in the same time slot, please use one credit/debit card for all the participants in your group. This helps keep our prices low.
- Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
- You may not skip the briefing at the beginning of the game. 
- You must sign the waiver presented at the time of arrival.

- Please leave any cell phones, cameras, or any other personal belongings in your vehicle. 

-We are not responsible for any lost items.

- Maximum of 10 people per group. Minimum of 4 people per group

- If you have a larger party and want to book for more than 10 people in multiple time slots please reach out to us! We are able to make adjustments so you can all be booked at once!

- Any groups with less than 5 people in the group may be asked to reschedule to a day when there are other groups if they are the only group booked for the day.

- *YOU WILL BE TOUCHED BY THE KILLER.* If you are caught, the killer will hold onto you and take you to a room where you will be locked in by yourself. You will remain there until a teammate saves you or the game ends. DO NOT struggle to get away, and DO NOT purposefully strike or attack the killer. If you do, the game will be ended with no refund.

- DO NOT sprint to get away from the killer. Our main priority is to keep you safe, so be cautious when running from the killer.

- DRESS APPROPRIATELY. You will be moving around quickly. Jeans and closed-toe shoes are the best options. Our building is also very old and does not have very much heating, so from November to April, it will be very cold in winter — AND VERY HOT DURING THE SUMMER.

- DO NOT touch our props. We have someone monitoring our cameras at all times. If you deface or destroy our property, the game will be ended with no refund.

- Coupon codes and giveaway prizes may not be combined. ONLY 1 CODE may be used PER GROUP/Time slot.

- Keys can be hidden in ANY room and between 0-7 feet. We will do our best to make sure tags are visible to ALL heights but cannot make any guarantees since we do not know the heights of everyone in your group and keys are hidden prior to your arrival. (Adjustments will be made if possible).


  • This difficulty is just the normal game.

  • Keys will be placed in “not as difficult to find” places.

  • The Killer will be slower and easier to evade.

  • Flashlights are provided to everyone in the group



  • This difficulty adds more challenge to the game.

  • Keys will be placed in less obvious places.

  • The Killer is quicker, wittier, and stronger.

  • The power will go out randomly for random amounts of time.

  • The killer will have a red light to indicate he is nearby during power outages.

  • Flashlights are provided to everyone in the group

  • If your entire group is caught there will be a 5 minute penalty.



  • This difficulty is only for the very brave hearted.

  • Keys are placed in extremely difficult to find places.

  • The Killer is swift, smart, and brutal.

  • Each member of your group is given a flashlight and lights will be turned off the entire time.

  • The killer will have a red light to indicate he is nearby.

  • If your entire group is caught the game will end. 

  • Escape on Impossible and be invited back for a special INVITE ONLY escape TBD

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